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Let's discuss Permanent Makeup

A face full of makeup greets you in the mirror when you wake up – a makeup that will survive remarkably much longer than your waterproof makeup. Yeah, permanent makeup – a cosmetic technique using tattoos (permanent pigmentation of the dermis) to create designs that mimic makeup, such as eyeliners, artificial eyebrows, tinted lips and other permanent enhancing colours that can last for over a year. For any – eyebrows or lips or any – the procedure typically takes 1 to 2 hours.


“Alexandra does the best brows in all of Portland!”

~ Sasha Belle


Ombré brows

Let’s start with Ombre brows, which involves placing tiny pigment dots into the skin using a machine, which creates a softly shaded brow pencil look, and yea, trendy on Instagram!

Millions of posts have used #ombrebrows, and the interest in brows has been bursting in recent times. Microblading makes short-hair like strokes, and it doesn’t work well for oily skin people. On the other hand, Ombré brows are all skin types friendly, offering defined eyebrows.


Combo Brows

If one uses both microblading and powder brows, it becomes combo brows. Microblading hair strokes are placed around the border of the brow to give it a realistic look, followed by the powder effect on the body of the brow. It is also one of the best options for oily skin people.


Lip blushes

If colour is deposited on lips, its lip blushes or tinting – tattooing the area with a pinkish or red tint. This process is relatively intense as lips are susceptible, and you might initially be a little shocked. But don’t panic! Also, this process doesn’t take more than an hour.

Let me introduce you to one more process involving depositing pigment in the skin – Permanent eyeliner. If you’re looking for a fuller, naturalistic lash line but know you’re not as steady as you should be, permanent eyeliner is for you. Also, Scar camouflage – a tattoo of the skin with flesh-coloured pigment to shield different forms of scars and stretch marks.


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~ Ariana Arias


If you have lighter spots than your natural skin colour, you are perfect for this. Complete healing of scars and stretch marks may take a long, usually eight to ten months.

In Best Self Beauty, we offer powder ombré brows, combo brows and lip blush. Permanent makeup does stay for up to 3 years and might be the right choice for you to reduce your beauty routine by a step or two.

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Permanent makeup Best self beauty

Permanent makeup Best self beauty

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